School Closure Information


Mrs Green has made the decision to close tomorrow, Friday 2 March, due to the adverse weather conditions. The forecast for overnight and tomorrow morning is heavy snow.

School will be open on Monday 5th March unless you hear otherwise from us

School Closure Information

Mrs Green has made the decision that, due to the continuing adverse weather, school will close at 3:10 today, with all after school clubs cancelled.
This will allow students and staff time to get home safely.

If parents want to collect students earlier than that, then please do so. No student will be allowed to leave site without parental consent given to a member of staff.

Thanks for your continued support

Mrs Christine Green

Foodbank Vouchers



RFSS is now in a position to issue Food bank vouchers to our parents / carers who are in crisis.

Please contact either Theresa Jackson (,

Mat Gaynon ( or Lisa Fincher (

for further information or assistance.



Statement from our Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow Trust re The Village Green

Outcome of Application to Register Rokeby Playing Fields as a Town or Village Green

After several months, numerous representations from all sides and a public inquiry, the result of the application to register Rokeby Playing Fields as a Town or Village Green (TVG) has been published. The full report runs to over 80 pages and is available to read here

The Inspector’s report recommends that the TVG application is rejected and this is summarised at the top of Page 1 of the report:

“This Report concludes that the Applicant has failed to establish that the application land qualifies for registration as a new town or village green under section 15 of the Commons Act 2006 and recommends that the Registration Authority should reject

 Warwickshire County Council’s Regulatory Committee is meeting on 13 February to consider this recommendation.

Learning Together Leading Tomorrow Trust and Rugby Free Secondary School welcomes this news as it represents a significant step towards the establishment of the new facilities for the school on the site. We look forward to continuing our work with the Local Authority and the Education and Skills Funding Agency to make good on the promises we made to parents when we first proposed the school.

We would also like to thank our parents and members of the local community who have supported the school and the Trust through what has been a lengthy and at times challenging process. Regular updates will be provided by the school as we move through the process in relation to the new school.

LT2 Team




E-safety – Top tips for online safety

RFSS is committed to safeguarding and this includes E-safety.

We have created this invaluable guide for students on how to stay safe on line.  Follow the link below –

RFSS E-safety guide May 2017

In addition, Facebook have produced their own guidance to staying safe online –

Warwickshire County Council have also provided information on Cyber Bullying.  Follow this link for more information



School Closure Information

We recommend Parents and Carers sign up to the free text alert service offered by Warwickshire County Council.

Doing so will ensure you receive a text from WCC as soon as they are notified that we have had to close RFSS, due to bad weather etc.

Follow this link to the WCC website – – for details

or simply text – schclosures 9374009 on – to 07950 081082  (it is important to include “on” in the message)

WCC will then text an acknowledgement reply.

If the decision is made to close RFSS we will also ask Rugby FM to broadcast the information.

Anti-Bullying Leaflet for Parents / Carers and Students

Anti-Bullying Information

RFSS will not tolerate any form of bullying.

We believe that students and staff have the right to learn and work in a safe and caring environment

which promotes personal growth and confidence for all.

We have compiled a leaflet for parents / carers and students giving guidance and information around this subject –

RFSS Parents Bullying Info Leaflet

A hard copy of this is leaflet is available from RFSS Reception.


School Attendance – A Guide for Parents

School Attendance

Attending school has a huge impact on your child’s success.

Even as children grow older and more independent, families play a key role in making sure students get to school regularly,  on time and safely.

Every school day matters.

We have compiled a leaflet for parents / carers highlighting this and the impact of poor attendance –

RFSS Attendance leaflet for parents

If you have any queries about Attendance, please contact Mrs Harling, RFSS Attendance Officer,  via the Attendance email address on the Contact Us page.

School Meals Menu

Lunch Menu Sept 17

We are often asked for details of our school meals. Please follow the link above for the current menu, provided for us by Educaterers Limited.

More information about Educaterers can be found on their website –




Whole School Curriculum overview

Whole school overview 2017-18

RFSS knows that by working closely with parents, the pupils will receive the best all round care possible. Therefore, we have created this whole school curriculum overview so you know what your child is learning, when they are learning it and what they will be assessed on throughout the year.

The role of parents in their children’s education has long been recognised as a significant factor in educational success and school improvement and at RFSS we continue to value your contribution and support.